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I’ve been drawing and working on some other things

I haven’t written anything new here for a while because I have a hard time balancing multiple creative outlets.

When I’m in a writing groove, I write a lot and often. Most of it isn’t good, but the thing about keeping a writing habit is, you get the not-so-good stuff out of your system. And then you start producing better writing.

But when I’m in a writing groove, that also means I don’t spend much time on any other creative work. Sometimes I end up cutting out inspiration sources, too— goodbye weird movies and all kinds of reading.

The opposite happens, too. If I go to the arts and crafts store and come back with a few projects to work on, my writing falls to the side. It’s not a terrible thing, but if I’m not writing much, I’m certainly not blogging much, either.

I was participating  in Inktober, a challenge to produce one ink drawing every day in October. I didn’t hit every day, but I did a lot more than I expected.

Here are my favorite ones.

An old telephone.


Pinky and the Brain.


The Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.


An astronaut in space, inspired by jonnysun’s tweet.


The Ravenclaw crest from Harry Potter.


(You can see the rest of my Inktober drawings on Instagram.)

I’ve never drawn this much in a month—only because I don’t make the time for it—and it was a delight to see what I could do with patience and dedicated time.

November always flies by for me. I feel like I blinked after Halloween and it was Thanksgiving. I was playing with hand lettering on and off during the month. Here’s an example:


And in all the time, I wasn’t writing because I was focusing on art…and watching a lot of movies. November was a great month for movies.

Given the way my hobbies go in phases, I’m going to shift the focus of this blog to showing my work (Austin Kleon-style), whatever work that may be. That way, it doesn’t have to be writing and it doesn’t have to be finished. I can simply share.

Stranger Things: Nancy is a gift

No one else is writing high school girls like Nancy in Stranger Things, and so I hope writers in the industry are taking notes.

We usually get two kinds of characters when it comes to teenage girls: the ditzy girly-girl or the messy tomboy.

Stranger Things ignores both of those tropes and just gives us a teenage girl. Nancy wants to be popular and fit in, but at the same time, she doesn’t hide her intelligence around the cool kids. She shows compassion toward Jonathan, even though other students make fun of him.

Nancy drops the trivial high school stuff when she realizes her friend is missing and there’s a mysterious threat in town. She is brave and takes lead when circumstances call for that. Nancy is tough. She has good aim with a gun, and she does whatever is necessary to rescue Will—whether it’s something small like breaking a padlock or something terrifying, like going into the Upside Down and setting up a trap for the monster.

And best of all, no one acts like it’s a big deal that Nancy is a mixture of all of those things. She’s just being herself.


Harry Potter, the Cursed Child, and the glaring plot hole

I enjoyed reading a new adventure with the Harry Potter characters in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but after I finished the story I realized there a big problem with it.

Spoilers ahead…

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New playlist on 8tracks: Enough to be dangerous

Enough to be dangerous

I posted a new playlist on 8tracks called Enough to be dangerous. It’s the kind of music a superhero might listen to in training or on patrol. Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Superhero – Simon Curtis
  2. Get Some – Lykke Li
  3. Icarus – Bastille
  4. Run Boy Run – Woodkid
  5. Kerosene – Maurice
  6. American Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy
  7. Somewhere to Run – Krewella
  8. Don’t Hold Back – The Potbelleez
  9. Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
  10. Radioactive, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Mashup) – OneVoice
  11. Light It Up – OneRepublic

Sense8: What’s Riley’s thing?

I re-watched Sense8 over the last couple weeks. The first time I watched it, I marathoned episodes. This time I could pay closer attention to character development, and I noticed that Riley is the only one in the group who doesn’t have a defined “thing”—an ability that she uses to help other people in the cluster.

The other sense8s each have their own strengths:

  • Will – detective skills, fighting, knowledge of police procedure
  • Nomi – computer hacking
  • Lito – lying, discovering secrets
  • Kala – medical skills, chemistry
  • Wolfgang – fighting (even killing)
  • Capheus – driving
  • Sun – fighting (especially calm under pressure)

Riley doesn’t have a skill that’s called out specifically. Maybe that means it’s something we’ll see in season 2. Or maybe Riley’s skill is subtle and interwoven into everything else. I think of Riley as the comforter. She appears to Will when he’s worried or lonely. Riley appears to Sun when she is in prison and upset. In the finale, it’s Riley who takes care of Will after he sees Whispers. With Will, Riley shows an ability to have a deep connection with someone (even between sense8s) and maybe that’ll extend to the rest of the cluster in season 2.

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